Magical Quest

Join this special journey through the realms of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether to activate your magic, reclaim your power, get in your flow and allow your abundance.

Magical beings including the Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons and Mermaids will be your guides, supporting you with energy clearing and vibration-raising activations.

They desire to remind you who you really are, and come home to yourself - an infinite, magnificent being of Light.

This is NOT a series of fluffy guided meditations. These are powerful activations and energy shifts, designed to elevate you onto your souls’ highest path and upgrade your reality.

Only those who are ready will hear the call and join the Quest…

Enter the enchanted realms…


…and remember your magic.


Your Quest Includes:


LIVE Opening + Activation CLASS

30 September @ Noon PST / 8pm UK

We’ll open the circle to start your Quest, setting intentions for your journey. You’ll receive your special team of guides, and receive a powerful Diamond Light activation to elevate your vibration and align you with magic.

MP3 recording included


Come on a quest with the elemental beings to guide you back to your magic, abundance and joy. Each MP3 takes you on a deep, empowering adventure with high-vibration healing and activations...

Earth:     Unicorns + Fairies

Air:        Angels + Pegasus

Fire:        Phoenix + Dragons

Water:    Mermaids + Dolphins

ETHER:    Source + Cosmic Light

2 x Bonus MP3’s

Daily Joy - Morning meditation to align your day with magic

Fairy Garden - Evening journey to the fairy realms for deep sleep


How it Works

You’ll receive links to all five MP3’s after registration (and bonus MP3s), so you can start as soon as you wish, and listen at any interval.

I will be holding a live class on Sunday 30 September which you may wish to use as the opening for your journey, and use the MP3’s after that (recording of live class included even if you register later than Sunday).


I recommend that you take your time and enjoy the journey.

Each MP3 includes a powerful release and activation, these are more than meditations so please tune in and see what feels aligned for you.

If you listen to them all too quickly, you may get overloaded with too much energy in one go.

Trust your own guidance.




Earth ~ Fairies + UNICORNS

Past lives square.jpeg


Journey through a portal into the realm of Earth and begin your quest in a magical forest.

Enter an enchanted pool surrounded by fairies, and heal the past life and inner child wounds that have disconnected you from your magic and power.

Receive an activation of golden light + diamond light with the Unicorns to unlock your gifts, purpose and joy.

Release self-doubt, unworthiness…and re-ignite your sense of wonder and belief in magic.


AiR ~ Angels & Pegasus



Soar above the clouds into the magical realm of AIR on Pegasus, letting go of small thoughts about yourself, and connecting with your biggest dreams.

Open yourself to greater success and opportunities.

Fly to a crystalline mountain where the Angels hold you in deep love, flood you with light, and help dissolve the heaviest fears and limitations that stop you being free.

Connect with realms of infinite possibilites and soar into lightness, expansion and claim your dreams.


Fire ~ Phoenix & Dragons

Hagge FIRE.jpeg


Journey to a red-rock landscape where the fiery Phoenix helps transmute your old beliefs in their flames.

Emerge from the ashes of your past and claim your courage to live a life of purpose.

Then meet your dragon guide, who flies you to a treasure cave and helps unlock the gold already within you…your gifts, wisdom and talents.

Activate the abundance that is already within you, and forge forwards into a bold, passionate new reality.


Water ~ Mermaids & Dolphins

WAVES CHANGE FLOW unicorns-of-the-sea-carol-cavalaris.jpg


Visit an enchanted shore and dive into the magical turquoise waters, where you turn into a mermaid.

A pod of playful dolphins help dissolve old patterns of fear, struggle and sacrifice from your energy system.

They recode and rewire you at a cellular and DNA level for play, fun, joy and ease, before guiding you to meet the mermaids.

Receive an activation for joy from the mermaids, and receive their gifts and granted wishes.


ETHER ~ Cosmic Energy

HEART or LOVE - Heal your heart, open your heart to let love in, believe in the power of love.jpg




Flower crown woman.jpeg

Daily Joy MP3

Listen daily to this short meditation to raise your vibration, and align you back to your natural state of wellbeing. 

Just 15 minutes each morning can help set your day on an elevated path of ease, flow and good fortune. 


annie-spratt-467871-unsplash (1).jpg

Fairy Bedtime MP3

Listen at night to this sweet guided journey for your inner child, which takes you to an enchanted realm where the fairies help you release worry, feel safe, and fall into a deep sleep that rejuvenates you overnight. 

About your Guide

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs


Cordelia is a Magical Mentor, Abundance Alchemist and author of Oracle of the Unicorns and Goddess Power Pack.

For as long as she can remember, she has believed in the magical realms and felt a close connection with the unicorns, fairies, mermaids and dragons.

She grew up in the countryside in the North of England, and would often be found reading Enid Blyton’s magical books, perched in the branches of an apple tree, dreaming of adventures to magical lands. 

Since 2011 she has run powerful online classes and client retreats from beautiful and sacred locations around the world, including Hawaii, French Polynesia, Sedona, Ibiza, France and Avalon.

Her speciality as an alchemist is in helping spiritual and conscious women release their fear of being judged and persecuted for their magic and power, so they can blaze a trail and conjure their desires.

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