Is your Soul calling you home to LOVE?

The LOVE inside you, the LOVE around you, the infinite divine LOVE you are?

So you can BE and RECEIVE the unlimited joy and abundance that's meant for you

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Can you feel YOUR invitation...

:: To love yourself, love your life, love this world. 

:: Love your fears, love your enemies, love your shadows.

:: Heal the wounds that stop you feeling worthy.

:: Clear the beliefs that stop you letting in love.

:: Remember who you really are and come home to you.

Have you been on a journey of being shaken up and woken up...?

:: Life may have been feeling intense for you lately.

:: Old patterns and illusions crumbling away.

:: Feeling you're at a crossroads, or on shaky ground. 

:: Letting old aspects of you die, ready to be reborn.

:: Preparing for a new level of life and love. 

I have something beautiful to help uplift you higher onto your path of LOVE...

Two years ago I stood in Santa Croce church in Florence and had my heart cracked open. 

By Mother Mary, by the Angels, by LOVE. 

Tears streamed down my cheeks as my heart opened, watching a young woman with cerebral palsy offer her devoted prayer at Mary's altar. 

My energy expanded and I was shown - reminded - who I really am. An infinite being of pure LOVE. 

My worries melted into insignificance. 

It was as though my heart had received a massive divine download...

Love is all there is. 

Love is all that matters. 

I am love. 

We are love.

Life is love.


Yet in this world we are pulled away from this truth and bombarded from childhood with programming that we are unsafe, that life is hard, that there isn't enough...that WE are not enough.

We may experience varying levels of stress, separation, disconnection, fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression.

We may go through traumas, challenges and loss that leaves us with bruised, weary hearts. 

We forget that we are love. That we are surrounded by love. That we are deeply, unconditionally loved by the Divine. Always. No exceptions. 

No matter who we are. No matter what we have ever said or done. Or not said, not done. 

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And so, a few days after being cracked open in Santa Croce, I created LOVE - a deep healing journey with Mother Mary's energy to heal our hearts, to love ourselves and to especially heal any mother-related wounds. 

It took place on May 8 - Mothers' Day in the US and Australia that year. 

Whenever I listen to the MP3 now, I feel a lightening take place, a lifting off of heavy layers of hurt and fear. 

It soothes. It comforts. It heals. 

And now I'm making the recording available again as so many of us get shaken up, and called by our Souls to heal and live in LOVE (myself included)...

This beautiful MP3 journey helps:

:: Lift you up into higher frequencies of LOVE

:: Show you who you really are, as LOVE

:: See your highest path of living service

:: Receive healing from Mary and her angels

:: Open your heart to receive more good

:: Know yourself as worthy and deserving

:: Be filled with waves of pure divine LOVE

MP3 Length: 1hr 40mins

LOVE isn't a quick fix. 

It's a journey. 

To come home to ourselves, to our hearts, to the Divine Mother, to all the LOVE that is always flowing through us and available to us. 

This MP3 is just one step into LOVE. 

And, it's a beautiful, deep soothing one that comes from the heart.

Click on the players below to listen to samples.

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Please note this is the recording of a live class, and has a little background hum as a result - once you're listening to the MP3 and deep in the energies you won't notice this as much as listening to the sample. 

~ May Bonus ~

Purchase the LOVE MP3 by midnight Pacific time on May 8, and receive my 'Calling in your Beloved' meditation for free.

This gorgeous audio can help you energetically connect with your Beloved-to-Be, or to help deepen/reawaken the love and connection in an existing relationship. 

Bonus closes midnight Pacific on 8 May

MP3 length: 30mins

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