Clarify your purpose, deepen your desires and re-ignite your passion in 2018...with powerful elemental magic from Iceland

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11 Jan: Energy Transmission from Iceland

17 Jan: Fire and ice Online Immersion (3 hrs)


The Magic of Iceland

Iceland is the youngest - and many would argue purest - place on Earth, formed from volcanic lava. 

It's a magical realm of dancing Northern Lights, healing hot springs and crystalline glaciers. 

It's a land of FIRE and ICE...and I'll be there from 7 January on a shamanic tantra training and holding space for this energy adventure. 

We'll be using these two elements to support you in elevating, activating and claiming your desires for 2018 (with a touch of Unicorn magic).


The Power of FIRE and ICE


During this immersion you will deepen, clarify and activate your desires, your purpose, your passions in 2018  - staking a more powerful claim for what you really want, and who you are willing to be.

And, start to shed the old layers of identities, conditioning and attachments that may keep you spinning in the same patterns and cycles, or stuck in small visions for your life. 

With FIRE we will cleanse and transmute

With ICE we will clarify and activate

The main event is a 3-hour, two-part immersion in the New Moon energy of 17 January:

  • 75 mins for Fire
  • 30-min break
  • 75 mins for Ice

You can choose to attend the whole event in one go, or listen to the first part then complete it using the recordings - or just listen to the recording when it best suits you. 

If you register by 11am Pacific on 11 January you'll also receive an energy transmission from Iceland on this powerful gateway day. 

This is a unique event designed to help you accelerate your visions into reality as we step into the new cycle of the new moon.


Create your Diamond Life 

Energy Transmission on 11:1:11

In numerology 2018 is an 11 year of new beginnings: 2+0+1+8 = 11

So January 11 is 11:1:11 or 1:11:11 - a Master day and gateway


You'll receive a potent wave of Diamond Light + Unicorn Energy + Iceland Elemental magic, sent from Iceland on 11 January.

It's time to activate and accelerate the energy of your desires for 2018. Whatever you focus on and claim on this day will be supercharged.

Choose to create a Diamond elevated reality full of light, pleasure, freedom and prosperity. No more struggles and illusions. 

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The Diamond Light will help prepare you for the Fire and Ice Immersion by clearing out old coding and programming, raise your vibration and rewire your cells and DNA to be in higher alignment with your Divinity. 

The Unicorns remind of us our own magic, and the infinite nature of the Universe - they call on us to dream bigger, aim higher and expand...and they will bring their energy to this transmission to assist you with that. 

The Iceland Elementals will bring their gorgeous magic to the transmission - with the energy of creation, clarity, love and purity. 

All you need to do is set your intention to receive the energy whenever you wish on 11 Jan, then relax and receive the Diamond Light as if you're having a distant healing session. 

Full instructions will be sent to you after registration.

Register by 11am Pacific on 11 January to receive this energy transmission. 


Online Immersion

Live on 17 January {New Moon} from Iceland; 1pm-4pm Eastern {exact time tbc}

3-hour online event; Listen anywhere in the world; Includes MP3 recordings

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Part 1 : Fire

Cleanse, TransmutE, Passion, Power  

During this section I'll hold space for you to tune in to what your real passions and superpowers are...inviting you to explore some of your edges, your more daring desires, your power, your truth. 

We'll then clear and transmute some of the deep energies anchoring you into your old life and old way of being - so you can be more empowered to walk your new path of passion, fire and light in 2018.

This is a reclaiming and reactivating of who you really are.  

We'll take a 30-min break inbetween the segments...integrate, relax, snack, journal.

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Part 2 : Ice

Clarity, purity, light, Magic

You'll clearly see the illusions and distractions that keep you thinking small, disconnected from your magic and limiting your possibilities, and get unplugged from some of these so you can soar into a new vision.  

You'll gain crystal clarity on what your soul is calling on you to create (like a book, or a new business), and what's required for you to step into that. 

You'll receive an activation with Diamond Light, upgrading your energy, clearing your path and activating the highest possibilities for your ventures. 

The Experience


As we emerge from the shadows of Mercury Retrograde and of 2017, step through the January 11 portal, and move through the New Moon into a new cycle...we have a powerful opportunity to expand our visions, intentions and clarity for our purpose this year. 

It's my intention that you leave this immersion with a deeper knowing of the new life and way of being that you're being called into - and both what may support you on that journey, and what could hold you back.


You'll be guided through intuitive processes to access your deepest powers, and to unlock an expansive and magical vision for yourself in 2018. 

We'll use powerful Diamond Light to clear some of the core energies, programming and attachments that are keeping you clinging to the old, so you can be open to walking a new path and create a new world. 


This may be a deep catalyst and turning point for may gain clarity you were struggling to find amidst all the noise of the outside world and in your own mind. 

You may release a deep wound or old pattern that's kept you spinning in repetitive cycles so you can move into something new. 

You may receive the energy upgrade you need to help propel you into action and alignment for your desires in 2018.

Whatever your experience in this immersion, it will give you just what you need at this time - and support you with FIRE and ICE energies from Iceland, a magical place that calls us into clear new beginnings. 


About Cordelia

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I'm a Magical Mentor and Abundance Alchemist for people who want to see what’s really possible when they unlock their gifts and live from their magic.

I work with high-vibration Diamond Light as an activator, a chain-breaker, and a catalyst for profound life changes. 

I help you heal your deepest core wounds so you can be free to live from your Soul's purest essence.I help you clear the old codes and patterns that limit you, and be rewired into alignment with your highest possibilities. 

I believe many of us are being called to walk unknown paths as we create our new world, and it would be my honour to hold space for you to take a step forward on yours. 

You Receive:

Energy Transmission from Iceland on 11 Jan

Diamond Light + Unicorns + Iceland Elementals


3-hr FIRE and ICE Immersion on 17 January

Including full MP3 recordings of the immersion

Your Investment:

* $77 *

This purchase is non-refundable at any price

Register by Noon Pacific on 11 January to receive the energy transmission

Register by midnight Pacific on 7 January to pay the special fast action price of $33