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Enter an Enchanted Realm of Magic and Miracles



Written by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

Published by Blue Angel Publishing

Oracle of the Unicorns is a stunning 44-card divination deck featuring artworks that portray the Unicorns and Winged Horses as powerful guides, allies and healers on our journey to reclaiming our magic and power. 

You'll adore this gorgeous deck with its breath-taking images, high-quality cards and beautiful messages.

A must for Unicorn lovers, and the perfect addition to any oracle deck collection.



Free Gift with your Deck

Meet your Unicorns - MP3 meditation

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Inside the 84-page booklet that comes with Oracle of the Unicorns, you'll find a link to download an exclusive 30-minute 'Meet your Unicorns' MP3 meditation, to activate your deck and connect with your Unicorn guides.

Look for this link in the introduction section of the booklet and download this beautiful guided journey for free.

Image: Kirk Reinert


As featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine

August 2017 issue; 8-page spread


Calling in the Unicorns


"The Unicorns will happily come in and support anyone who expresses a sincere desire to connect with them and receive help stepping into their magic, light and power...

You can ask your Unicorn guides to steer you back onto your path of magic whenever you veer off into doubt, unworthiness or feel judged for your beliefs.

They want to see you shining your light, loving yourself, living from your magic and being a powerful force for good in this world. They will journey by your side, supporting you every step of the way."

- Oracle of the Unicorns, booklet p9

HEART or LOVE - Heal your heart, open your heart to let love in, believe in the power of love.jpg

Image by Carol Cavalaris; COMPASSION card from the deck


Message from the Author


I argued with the Unicorns the first time they wanted to contribute to a healing teleclass I was holding.

Even though I believed in them, even though I loved them, and even though I knew what badass healers they were having trainer in Unicorn Light healing a few years prior...I was still terrified that I would get stigmatised as some fluffy woo-woo healer instead of being taken seriously (hello, ego!). 

Back then, Unicorns didn't have the same exposure or popularity that they do now, even in the New Age world. I was fine talking about most things, but Unicorns were an edge, even for me.

So I resisted.

And they persisted.

Until I finally caved in and let them come in energetically - and it was one of the best classes I'd held. No one judged or mocked me, rather they loved having the Unicorns come in and clear some deep blocks. 

After that the Unicorns featured in many of my classes, from my best-selling Unicorn Magic class, to my powerful Magical Quest program (also featuring Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons and Angels). 

And in the past couple of years I've watched the Unicorns take popular culture by storm, appearing on everything from pencil cases to Taylor Swift's t-shirt.

They're everywhere! 

And it's for a reason...

The Unicorns know we need to remember.

We need to remember who we are - how magical we are - and to never accept the reality that's fed to us as the one we have to live. 

We are stronger than we think, and we have the power to create our own dreams and follow our passions. 

We are meant for lives full of miracles, joy and freedom.

And the Unicorns want to help us on that journey.

As humanity shifts through our unhealed darkness so we can elevate into our light, the Unicorns are here to uplift us, inspire us and remind us. 

We are magical.

Life is magical.

It's time to BE the magic, more than ever before. 

And it's my sincerest wish that this Oracle of the Unicorns deck helps you deepen your connection with the Unicorns and Winged Horses, so they can offer you guidance, healing and love, the way they have done for me over the years.

I personally use this deck every day, and the Unicorns have given me the perfect messages just when I need them, to keep me on track. 

And even though I scoured the internet and carefully chose each one, the artworks still take my breath away every time I use them. 

And I know they will for you too. 

With love and Unicorn Magic, 

Cordelia x

 Image by Hagge; STRENGTH card from the deck

Image by Hagge; STRENGTH card from the deck

 Image by Hagge; HOPE card from the deck

Image by Hagge; HOPE card from the deck

Sample Cards


Full List of Artists

Rachel Anderson, Jody Bergsma, Alexandra Birchmore, Carol Cavalaris

Elena Dudina, Selina Fenech, Dawn Holliday, Drazenka Kimpel

Anastacia Korochansckaja, Herb Leonard, Deborah Lewis {aka 'Hagge'} 

Tammara Markegard, Kirk Reinert, Renata Szentirmai



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About the Author

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs


Cordelia is a Magical Mentor for conscious and creative people who want to see what’s really possible when they unlock their gifts and live from their magic.

For as long as she can remember, Cordelia has believed in the magical realms and felt a close connection with the unicorns, fairies, mermaids and dragons.

She grew up in the countryside in the North of England, and would often be found reading Enid Blyton’s magical books, perched in the branches of an apple tree, dreaming of adventures to magical lands. 

She rode horses from a young age, and was later fortunate to have her own 'unicorn' - a beautiful Palomino called Amber who jumped as if she had wings, and often scooped up trophies at local horse shows and one-day events.


After going through a dark night of the soul in her late teens and early twenties, Cordelia’s spiritual awakening in 2001 led her to train in various healing, manifesting and coaching modalities (including Unicorn Light healing).

She discovered her natural gift for working with energy, holding space for vibrational upgrades, receiving intuitive insights, and seeing people’s soul essence.

She soon became the author of "Goddess Power Pack", and spent nine months living in Avalon, serving as a Melissa in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and holding retreats for women and teens.

In 2010 Cordelia’s love of whales and dolphins led her to co-found Women for Whales, a conscious collective designed to peacefully raise awareness for cetacean protection.

Since 2011 she has run her online classes and client retreats from beautiful locations around the world, travelling to wherever her soul calls her to be. Her recent destinations include Hawaii, French Polynesia, France, Italy and Avalon.

Her speciality as a healer is in helping spiritual and conscious leaders release their fear of being judged and persecuted for their magic and message, so they can blaze a trail and make the biggest impact they came for.